Saturday, April 11, 2009

11 / 04 / 09


I had a weird dream last night.
First of all, sometimes I have random flashes and non-related scenes in my head whilst I sleep, just like last night dream.

Given the outstanding gig by Peter Gabriel a couple of weeks ago, this dream started with me meeting Tony Levin. The amazing, humble, down-to-earth bass player. I recall he was giving instructions about a game to people, as in my dream, he was also some sort of band manager.

The other event occurred at a mall. Just picture a man holding with one hand his pride & joy, obviously the iMac, whilst a Canon Rebel XTi camera hangs from his neck and running towards the exit.

Hopefully, I'll continue contributing with my acid-journeys.

10 / 04 / 09


"She opened the door with delicacy, trying not to make any sound at all, then she
sat on the bed, next to me. Caressing my cheek, she opened a book and read:

Into the past advances a typesetting requisite. Melancholy
attends without time.
The lazy warm witnesses melancholy before the backed epic. 
A transparent je
st nicknames crime. "



- 4 July, San Gregorio
Lara is very nervous although she tries not to give a sign of anything. She doesn't sleep at night. Watching this is very painful. Somehow I am not well adapted to this kind of life: for me it is full of pain. If that was the only thing: my dear ones who love me and whom I love, they are also suffering. It's as if the bonds between them and me were forcing them to suffer. What misery the awareness of this is! [...] -


Friday, April 10, 2009


I'm writing this in both languages, so the people who's not a native spanish speakers, can understand what this is all about and contribute.

Everything you want to share, a thought, a dream, a random comment, some statement, a shout...everything, just send it and we'll post it, is that simple. This is a space made FOR you BY you.

The rules are not that complicated, but I think it'd be great to explain the dynamics of how this place will work.

The reader/contributor can send what he/she wants to share or make public, to the e-mail published on this page, and will be posted among other notes received, the post uploading will depend always on the quantity of notes received on the mail address. 

You can contribute with this different blog, as much as you want to. We (the "moderators" of this so called blog) will always respect your decision to remain anonymous or not. 

As you can see, there's no way to comment on a post at all, there's a comment box on your right side. This "no comments"  policy it's kinda obvious. Still, this comment box will be always moderated and observed. 

This blog will keep working work as much as you participate and share to read and/or participate also to your people 

Welcome again to this project, hope you like it.


Escribo este post de inicio en ambos idiomas, para aquellas personas no hispano-parlantes que también serán parte de este espacio.

Todo lo que quieran compartir, un sueño, un comentario, una idea, una mentada, una confesión....todo, solo envíen y se subirá al blog. Este es un espacio para ustedes, hecho por ustedes.

Las reglas no son tan complicadas, pero no está de más explicar la dinámica de este espacio:

El lector/escritor podrá enviar lo que él/ella quiera compartir a la dirección que aparece publicada en esta página, y será publicado en el blog junto con las demás notas recibidas en la dirección de correo que aparece en esta página, la cantidad ó frecuencia de las publicaciones será directamente proporcional la cantidad de correos recibidos.

Tu puedes contribuir a este blog las veces que quieras. Los “moderadores” del mismo blog (nosotros) siempre respetaremos tu decisión de mantener un perfil anónimo ó público. Así mismo restringimos los “comments” en cada publicación, hay un “comment box” a un costado de la página; esta política de “NO comments” es obvia. De igual forma, los comentarios realizados en el “comment box” estarán bajo observación.

Este blog seguirá activo y vivo de acuerdo a su participación, así como la invitación que hagan a su gente a participar ya sea leyendo ó escribiendo.

Nuevamente bienvenidos(as) a este espacio, esperamos que lo disfruten.